What we do

localove is a digital marketing agency created for high street shops and local businesses

We specialise in helping high street shops and small local businesses manage their online and offline marketing activity, giving them an opportunity to grow their business and engage with their customers.


We have gained in depth knowledge of local marketing while launching a local market app with over 1,000 businesses in 14 neighbourhoods and understand the challenges faced by a traditional business in a new digital age.


Doing business locally is changing as people are adopting different ways of carrying out their daily lives. We can help you through this change, enabling you to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the digital & mobile revolution.


You serve the customers, deal with suppliers and run your business.


We do the digital legwork and let you do what you know best.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
What we do: Create strategies to raise your brand awareness on social media, generate increased sales and website traffic. Interpret analytics to continually optimise posts to create a connection with new and current customers
Benefit: Build long term relationships with your existing customers and engage with new potential customers
Content & SEO
Content & SEO
What we do: Write blog articles and create content to distribute online. Implement technical improvements and link building to improve visibility on search engines and optimise directory listings
Benefit: Grow organic traffic, increase visibility & outrank competition across external websites & platforms
eCommerce Website Development
eCommerce Development
What we do: Plan, manage, and implement additional website features, enabling your business to sell online, accept payment, manage stock and distribute products direct to the consumer
Benefit: Increase potential customer base and make it easier for them to buy your products online to increase sales
Website Development
Website Development
What we do: lan, manage, and implement changes to your current website or build a new website to suit your requirements. Making use of the latest tools available for a professional looking website optimised for desktop and mobile
Benefit: Improve brand image and make it easier for customers to navigate your website across all devices and browsers
Design & Communication
Design & Communication
What we do: Design and create copy for menus, brochures and leaflets to use for flyering and door drops. Arrange door to door distribution or hand to hand leafleting on the high street to raise local awareness of your business
Benefit: Communicate your business with a professional look & feel and a consistent tone of voice. Save time and effort on distributing marketing material
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
What we do: Plan, create, send and monitor your email campaigns. Craft email copy, test different strategies to find the most effective way of engaging with your customers
Benefit: Drive awareness of new products, services or offers. Increase the likelihood of repeat business and interaction with current customers
Photography & Video
Photography & Video
What we do: Shoot original video and photography to help you stand out and create a consistent look and feel for your business
Benefit: Improve brand image & clarity of products and services. Create a library of content to use online and for printed materials


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